Prusa i3 frame download

Downloads original prusa i3 mk3 rss. 1 october 4, download 3. Cura settings for original prusa i3 mk3 by prusa research. X is implementation of most of original prusa i3 mk2 mechanical and electrical components into metal frame from rebelix project. New version prusa i3 printable frame this is my first adventure in openscad i have not printed or tested 1.
Official vanilla prusa i3 build manual by prusa is available at. Notes preparing to build an aluminium frame prusa i3. Reprap prusa i3 steel frame p3steel. Powder coated version. Make the p3steel toolson edition or upgrade your si3 single frame. Prusa i3 printable parts and upgrades. Download stl download g. Code petg download g.